Privacy Policy

We serve our users and the property owners in Komarna to help both parties find a match between landlord and renter with the aim to create unforgettable holiday experiences.

The service we operate will protect your privacy and the following principles apply to personally identifying information we request from you such as your name, physical address and email address.

Data collection

If you are simply browsing through the site, we do not request any information from you. However, we do collect some information which your internet browser makes available. This information is stored on and includes your Internet Protocol address, your browser type and language, the date and time of day. We use this information to improve our services to our users and guests.

If you want to make an enquiry, we need some personal details, your name, address and email address. This is so that we can have some insurance that your request is genuine and to protect ourself against the ever increasing amount of fake requests.

Your personal information may be kept in our mail system for up to three years, and it is never shared with other persons, services or enterprises.


We do not install cookies on your computer.

Information sharing

We never rent, sell or share your personal information with other companies or individuals.

Information security

We take every appropriate security measure to protect against unauthorized access to, unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of the data we collect.

We give access to your personally identifying information only in case you rent an apartment and then only to the owner who will receive you as a guest.

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