Who is behind Komarna.com and Apartment Tedo

We are a Danish family which has fallen in love with South Dalmatia.

Winnie and Jan

Winnie and Jan Skov own Apartment Tedo through the Croatian company TEDO d.o.o.

TEDO d.o.o. may be found in the Croatian register for companies. It is MB number (Maticni broj) 090005160 and OIB number 59306929759.

We have run the rentals since 2003 and in 2008 we started a travel agency in Denmark, Komarna Rejser (Komarna Travels). where we offer packaged tours, small cruises and holiday rentals in South Croatia.

Komarna Rejser has Danish VAT (CVR) number 31680670 and can be found at Danish Company Register.

Three generations of the family visit Komarna as often as we can, and you may actually spot some of us in the pictures on this website.

If you visit us during the summer, there is a good chance of meeting some of us - except Winnie and Jan. They prefer to come off-season when the weather is much like a good Danish summer.

Our housekeeper, Vanja Babic, is a long-time resident of Komarna. She lives with her family close to Apartment Tedo, takes good care of our guests, and makes sure that the houses are clean and in perfect condition.

Responsible Tourism

When you rent an apartment from us, you are protected by our business principles, and you are protected by the law in Croatia, which is very strict with companies operating in tourism.

Our apartments are inspected several times each year and the Tourist Authorities make sure that we follow all the rules set out by the government for companies working with apartment rentals.

We run this website, and it is open for other property owners in Komarna - if they abide by a high standard for their property and follow the law strictly regarding their responsibilities towards guests and authorities. We have personally inspected all apartments on this site and can promise that you get a quality accommodation and that the price is reasonable compared with the facilities.

We have a comprehensive guidebook in Apartment Tedo where our guests can read about local culture, history and customs.

Tourism must be an advantage to local communities. It must provide income and cultural exchange and an incentive to protect the environment. We believe in responsible tourism, and it governs the way we behave and the way we interact with the local community. We buy local products, use local services and continually assess our business to make sure that both our guests, and our neighbours are getting the best possible experience.

Please write your inquiry or comment below or call us at 0045 2349 5880