Places to eat and shop

Eating out near Komarna and Klek

A typical lunch cost around 8 Euros including beverages. A delicious wine 'n' dine with fish or meat as the main course will set you back something between 15 and 20 Euro. It very much depends on the location of the restaurant and be prepared to pay more if you go to typical tourist restaurants in Ston or Dubrovnik.

Konoba BabicThe restaurant in Villa Bili has a good kitchen and reasonable prices. You don't have to eat there though. You can settle for an ice-cream, a soft drink or a cup of coffee.

Down on the beach in Komarna there is also a small Beach Bar Uvala where you can get all sorts of drinks, ice-cream and even a sandwich. If you order in advance you can also have a full meal of fish or meat here. The bar is in a lovely location.

The newest restaurant in Komarna is Konoba Babic. It is in a wonderful place on the very edge of the water down under Villa Bili.

Also new and opened in 2018 is Adriatica that you find high on the road to the main road and to the left.

On the coastal road towards Klek, there is a restaurant in Duboka. Villa Malo Misto, It seems to be open all year and and possibly closed on Sundays. It has a good selection of food and a good kitchen - and prices at the upper end of what you expect in Croatia.

For a greater selection of restaurants, you should go to Klek three km to the south. Restaurant Adriatic on the coastal road is open from June to September. Down by the beach we can recommend the restaurant in Hotel Plaza. It has a good kitchen, a professional service, and there is also the small Restaurant Skoj on the beach.

Neum further five km. down the coast are another option. There you will always be able to find somewhere to eat. Just after the border station there is a small hotel, Anchora, with an excellent restaurant - especially for fish.

When you get into Neum, there are some pizzerias around the traffic light. They are fine for a cup of coffee and maybe a pizza if you are desperate, but we suggest you continue and turn right and drive down towards the beach where you may find more restaurants both on the way down and at the end where you may park free outside the season. In high season, the parking fee is 6 Kuna per hour.

We can recommend Humska Kuca (Mountain Hut) on your way down to the right after the entrance to Hotel Sunce and a little later when you are almost down to the beach there is Restaurant Bonaca. Both have a good selection on the menu, good quality and reasonable prices. Further down and on the beach there are two restaurants that are open in high season.

If you don't drive down towards the beach, you can continue on the main road towards Dubrovnik where you find the good Restaurant Karaka. It is in a small shopping center almost at the end of Neum. At the very end of Neum there is Hotel Orka, but the place is very crowded by tourist busses and people shopping.

Beach bar UvalaOpuzen - In the other direction towards Split, there is Hotel Merlot, which has a good menu card and a good price/quality ratio. Inside Opuzen on the town Hall Square there is a simple pizzeria.

Metkovic 20 km. away has two restaurants and two pizzerias. Restaurant Tabakera at Kralja Zvonimira 5 (behind the natural history museum) and Restaurant Casa Nostra at Oca Ante Gabria 11 (behind a very old former prison). You can find both of them on Facebook. There are also dozens of cafes everywhere and especially on Sportska Road by the stadium. On Sportska, there is a pizzeria with a reasonable selection and behind the hospital, another pizzeria with a limited selection.

One pizzeria is behind the hospital and a pizzeria with a bigger selection at the far end of the road Sportska.

Villa Neretva on the road between Opuzen and Metkovic has a good reputation for serving excellent local food.

If you want to travel a little further on, we recommend a meal at "Duda i Mate" in Vid or in the restaurant opposite Dude i Mate. Vid village is on top of the ancient Narona ruins and Restaurant "Duda i Mate" is on the left just as you enter the village at the place where the Roman Forum used to be and close to the river.

Konoba Narone, the restaurant to the right when you cross the bridge is also above standard and maybe a little bit more expensive, and the food and service is excellent.

Ston and Mali Ston off road to Dubrovnik has a few good restaurants with menus that are aligned to the taste of the many tourist that visit those two small towns. Two restaurants in Mali Ston are on the list of the 40 best restaurants in coastal Croatia. Kapetanova Kuca, number four on the list, is the most famous and attracts both locals and tourists and the other one is  Restaurant Bota. Both are very good restaurants and we will actually recommend the restaurant just outside the wall, Villa Koruna, where fish and shell fish are as fresh as they can be and picked out of a basin inside the restaurant.

Dubrovnik is a bit far to drive for a meal, but you will surely visit during your stay. If you want a really good experience then there are four restaurants to look out for: Restaurant Nautika just outside the Pile Gare, Proto and Mimoza - all three a bit expensive. Our personal choice is Tai Mahal,.a small restaurant south of Placa on Nikole Gucetica 2.  It is specialized in Bosnian food and everything is prepared from basic fresh raw materials.


Komarna Mini MarketThere is a Mini Market in the centre of Komarna behind Villa Bili. It is easy to find, just look at the color. The shop has a good selection for your everyday needs. There will be fresh bread in the morning and cold drinks and ice cream whenever you need it. The shop is open from 7:00 in the morning closes around noon and opens again in the afternoon. They seem to change their opening hours often so please check when you are there.

There is a supermarket and some tourist shops in Klek during the high season. In Neum, there are more shops (remember your passport and papers for the car if you go to Neum). Shopping in Neum is cheaper because of a lower tax and more competition. There are several department stores and many smaller shops.

There are roadside shops close to Opuzen at the main road and a supermarket and hardware store, and Metkovic has a really nice selection of small shops and department stores. The biggest department stores can all be found on the main road. When you drive into Metkovic you will pass Lidl, Konzum and Mercator - all on your right hand.

Then there is Dubrovnik, off course, an hour's drive away and a small adventure, whether you want to shop or just enjoy the city. If you shop a lot in Dubrovnik, please keep the receipts, so there will be no problem when you pass the customs in Neum. Transit is allowed, and there are rules for how much you may import from Bosnia-Herzegovina - even if we have never experienced that they were enforced.

If you want to do some shopping in Dubrovnik then find a parking space at the new harbor or close to Vukovarska road. The shops are not what you would expect to find in a big city, but then Dubrovnik isn't really a big city with its only 50,000 inhabitants in the greater area. It can not support big shops and shopping malls. But off course, there are bigger and better shops than you find in our small towns close by.

Vineries in Komarna

Komarna is the latest official wine district in Croatia and produces excellent wine that is fully in line with the Peljesac wines, and mostly also made on the same local grape, Plavac Mali for the red wine and Posip for the white wine.

The Terra Madre vinery is, for some, within walking distance of Komarna. about two km. Go up towards the main road and turn left just before you reach it, keep left and continue along the ridge to the vineyard. Terra Madre produces organic wine in several price ranges and has programs for tastings. It is not necessary to book a tasting time in the high season.

The Rizman vinery is not far further away, and can be seen to the north at the top of the mountain ridge above Komarna, but there is no path up to it, so you have to enter the car and go in a big arch around. Turn left at the main road and drive 5.5 km towards Opuzen. Look for a big cross and turn a sharp right towards Slivno Ravno. After 1,5 km turn right at a monument and from here there are signs for the vineyard.

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